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At the “Anuga” event Montali presents the new lines of high-end products distinguished as Chef Line and Sauces

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At the “Anuga” event in Cologne 2021, from 09 October to 13 October, Industrie Montali will present the new lines of high-end products distinguished as Chef Line and Sauces: they are the result of a laborious recipe work, on which the company has invested resources and energy, demonstrating that it is possible to eat well by combining food, health and practicality of use.
Four references of the Sauces Line available in flavors: Sweet and Sour with Onion, Cocktail, Barbecue and Ketchup.
Five flavors of the Chef line: Onion Pasta, Caper Pasta, Soffritto Pasta, Garlic Pasta and the classic Double Tomato Paste.
Both lines are offered in the dual format tube and single-portion sachet, guaranteeing a series of advantages: from the reduction of waste, to the preservation of the freshness of the raw material, the reduction of transport costs and therefore the reduction of CO2 emissions into the atmosphere.
The food certifications BRC, IFS, BIO, HALAL, FSMA impose high quality control standards ensuring the healthiness and hygiene of the products of the Emilian company. The almost exclusive use of Italian raw materials or of the European community, guarantee the traceability of the raw material from production, to collection and distribution, thus guaranteeing the final consumer the genuineness of the products.
These lines are in addition to the others already on the market: EasySugo line, EasySugo Bio&Vegan line, Snacks line, which are able to satisfy multiple convivial occasions, with a high concentration of raw material and a persistent taste in flavors.
Easy to use in the kitchen, they are suitable for seasoning a simple pasta, giving an extra flavor boost to sauces, garnishing meats or simply decorating delicious croutons for aperitifs.
The company project of Industrie Montali sees its origins back in 1910, a time when the company transformed only the tomato into concentrate: a seasonal job that, over the years parallel to the change in eating habits will lead to the choice of developing alternative processes and leaving the transformation of tomatoes to more competitive players.