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Processed tomato, the ready-to-use category grows by double digits abroad

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After the fruitful participation in the Cibus in Parma, which was followed by the autumn world food fair in Moscow and the BellaVita – the main fair in the United Kingdom dedicated to Mediterranean food and drinks, with the presentation of the new gourmet line – Industrie Montali confirms the company’s mission oriented to international markets.

“2020 ended with a positive balance sheet and an increase in volumes compared to the previous year. We are a dynamic company: we observe the trends and demands of the market and, with it, the needs of the final consumer with references, with attention to every detail, from raw materials to packaging”.

“The litmus test was the participation in the trade fair in Russia, a country that although geographically far from Europe, knows and appreciates the made in Italy. Among the strengths of our tomato processors is the packaging in a single-portion sachet and in a tube, to guarantee a series of advantages: from the reduction of waste, to the preservation of the freshness of the raw material”. This is what Stefania Montali, owner of Industrie Montali, tells FreshPlaza.

The new Chef Line is composed of a thick dough in a tube, with a high concentration of raw material, in the flavors: onion, capers, garlic, sautéed and double tomato paste. It is a delicious and original proposal both in the packaging and in the recipe, available in a practical 90-gram tube. Easy to use in the kitchen, it is indicated to give an extra flavor boost to sauces, meat or simply a pasta dish.

Parallel to the Chef Line, to complete the range was presented the newborn Sauces Line, available in the following flavors: Sweet and Sour with Onion, Cocktail, Barbecue, Ketchup, proposed in the dual format in tube and in single-portion sachet. Ketchup is the second most popular sauce in Russia after mayonnaise and represents the leading reference in the range of company products.

The aluminum laminated bag opens in tear and pours without the need to be heated or use cutlery; moreover, it contains the right single portion of the product, thus counteracting food waste. A significant plus of the range is the pack itself, which allows you to reduce up to 30% of shelf space and reduce the energy consumption of the logistics chain.

“With regard to quality, understood as a driver of growth on the markets – explains Stefania Montali – we have observed that the pandemic has accelerated a process that aims at healthy eating … The reason? perhaps because to defend ourselves from the fear of Covid we have thought of them all, in order to strengthen the immune defenses and keep fit!”.


Of course, the price is still an important lever to stay in the markets; however, recognizing the higher costs of a quality product always wins on the ambiguous and anonymous label of a product that we pay little and that, at the same time, is not healthy. That is why the consumer is willing to buy less, but of quality.

On the innovation side, Industrie Montali is working to expand the product lines with appropriate investments to increase the production capacity of the plants, especially in the organic segment. The goal is to generate further value in the ready-to-eat category which – especially in the red segment – is proving to be, especially abroad, an important driver of growth.