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Industrie Montali: “Today it is essential to stand out on the shelf”

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The modern consumer is now accustomed to entering a point of sale and finding a profound offer in front of him, which is more than real, especially for some product sectors in particular. We could consider it a natural consequence of an evolution of the consumer himself and his needs: the search for novelty balanced with a lower purchasing power than in the past means that the choice in front of the shelf is more careful and measured, and therefore must be supported by a multitude of options to explore. Industrie Montali, a historic canning company operating both in the world of large-scale retail trade and Ho.Re.Ca, has been working for years to make the display of its products an engaging experience for the consumer.

  • Industrie Montali is very careful in displaying its products within the points of sale. What advantages does this strategy bring?

The shelf today presents a very vast range of offerings; it is therefore essential to be able to stand out not only for quality but also in terms of appearance in order to establish an initial connection with the consumer at the point of sale. Our products are characterized by very innovative packaging, which finds its maximum valorisation and distinctiveness through our personalized displays. For us it is an indispensable plus to propose new ideas to a consumer who today is increasingly driven by the need for innovation in their shopping cart, obviously combined with quality.

  • Your range is characterized by considerable depth, with different lines and references that meet disparate needs…

Yes, in addition to private label projects, in the last 5 years we have created 4 lines with our brand that meet the needs of a large segment of consumers who lead a lifestyle in which practicality and attention to waste are king. In fact, for them we have created a line of single-portion ready-made sauces in tear-open sachets, easy and quick to use. It is a condiment that does not need to be heated as it is stored at room temperature, and is precisely portioned to be consumed by the individual over the course of a single meal, thus reducing any risk of waste. There are currently 6 flavors: angry, Neapolitan, olives and capers, boscaiola, tomato and basil and pesto. Alongside this we have the Organic and Vegan line which includes a Pesto with Tofu and a Soy Ragu. For those who love to surprise, but with minimal effort, we have created a line of Patè in a convenient tube suitable for the preparation of bruschetta, crostini, sandwiches or simply used as side for meat or fish, in the flavors Artichokes, Dried Tomatoes, Harissa, Peppers, Mushrooms and Truffles and Olives. We have instead dedicated the Paste Chef line to amateur chefs , which won the 2023 Novelty Award, which consists of a concentrate of vegetables in the onion, garlic, caper, sautéed and roasted sweet garlic varieties. Also coming out is the Sauces line which will be accompanied by a barbecue sauce, ketchup and cocktails.

  • Even in the world of sauces, mdd is experiencing a phase of rise. What is Industrie Montali’s approach to private label projects?

Industrie Montali was born with private labels, and continues to be an increasingly sought-after player for mdd. We listen to customers’ visions, propose our recipes and develop them in synergy with their expectations and requests.