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Industrie Montali is pleased to inform with some pride that, after having bestowed over 100 years from its foundation various form of charity and liberality for social purposes, in December 2021, the Company decided to become a Benefit Company, thus adding to the objectives of profit, the continuation of activities oriented to the Common Good.

Institutionalizing in this way a series of initiatives already oriented to the advantage of the territory, the environmental sustainability and the local community in which it operates and carries out the productive activity.

After a careful evaluation, we considered this choice to be ethically necessary towards the territory and the community in which we operate.

This is done with a view to doing our part to contibute responsibly to the resolution of the great social and environmental challenges of our time.


5-8 september we will be at FINE FOOD in Melbourne!

We are waiting for you!

Industrie Montali